Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Niki Lauda!

One of my childhood idols, Niki Lauda, turned 60 today!

I am sure he is far less known over here, but in my home country he is a well known figure. When I think of my favorite race car driver, of who got me into racing or who I consider an idol of my childhood years, then it is Niki - I used to follow him through his F1 career as far as I can think back. He is a 3 times Formula 1 champion who had his career interrupted by a horrific accident suffering severe burns (hence the hat that he is never seen without) only to come back from a coma stronger than ever, finishing that season after only 6 weeks of absence. After his active racing career he became a professional pilot, owned and operated two airlines, managed the Jaguar Formula One racing team and worked as an advisor to the Ferrari F1 team. These days he is still involved in the F1 circus and is often found piloting a flight of his current airline, "Niki".

Here is to many more years, Niki! Happy Birthday!

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