Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Internet in Numbers

Wow...these numbers are quite staggering...90 trillion emails in one year!!!

The Internet in Numbers: "Pingdom has compiled a very interesting collection of Internet statistics from 2009. From the number of emails sent in a day (247 billion) to Internet users worldwide (1.7 billion) the blog post has a long list of stats in categories including social media and online video. While a lot of the numbers are estimates and pulled from sources all around the web, it's still an interesting read and a nice summary of the year online.

The Internet in Numbers originally appeared on Graphic Design on Sunday, January 24th, 2010 at 21:38:05.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Epson Stylus R1900 CD / DVD Label Template

After fruitless searching the web up and down for a template to create CD labels with my Epson Stylus R1900, I decided to bake my own. This printer (as many other Epson's, for which this template may very well work too!) come with a beautiful way of putting some ink onto inkjet-printable media. There is a tray you place the CD or DVD on, and the printer takes care of all adjustments, etc. By default the only way to print these labels is the somewhat mediocre (and that is putting it nice!) software that comes with the printer. I however was looking to print them directly from Adobe Illustrator, so I spend a little time and a lot of patience until everything lined up just right. And because I am such a nice guy I decided to save you the time and hassle that I went through trying to find this somewhere on the web, and will share the template with whoever has a need for it! The template is a zipped Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file created with CS4 and saved as CS3.

You can download it here, courtesy of NOTZDesign, the pet-business-project of yours truly.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

That Pesky Conficker Gets Busy

Just a quick reminder that there are still plenty of infected systems out there, and making sure yours is not one of them has never been easier if you use the Conficker Eye Chart (might be a tad slow at times as I am sure it is getting plenty of hits these days, some even talk about a DDOS attack on the site! If that is the case, try this link instead). Apparently there are also some speculations that Conficker infected systems have begun to download a rather large file, possibly a key logger.

Via Lifehacker - That Pesky Conficker Gets Busy, Updates

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How about catching some lectures at Yale or MIT?

This is a pretty cool site - kind of like Netflix Watch Now for university lectures! There is an ever growing archive of lectures from some of the most prestigious universities online that can be accessed for free! The subjects covered span pretty much anything from astrophysics to psychology and, call me a geek or whatever else you want, but I find myself watching a lot on that site lately. Funny, how just a few years ago (OK, I admit, a decade ago...:D) I could not wait to get out of these things, or pretty much do what I can not even having to listen to it, and now I am actually looking forward to watching some of those lectures ;-) Check it out after the jump...Good Stuff!

Academic Earth - Video lectures from the world's top scholars

Monday, March 30, 2009

April 1st - What Will Really Happen?

There is more than a lot of talk about the Conficker worm (also known as Downadup) on and offline going around these days, especially as doomsday (April 1) inches closer, and there are more than a few sources out there that make Joe Average PC user quite uncomfortable in his chair at home and this little article over at SANS is cutting it down to the facts and offers a few links to some clear cut information about the worm and related dangers.

I am in no way saying to take this one lightly, but also don't want all kinds of people spending all kinds of money on the next best popup-ad telling them that their entire computer will be worthless after April 1 if they do not spend $59.99 right away to get immediate protection (and a free Laptop, PS3 and iPod) and their credit card information published in the prestigious collection of some Russian CC vendor for at least 0.0001 cents a number...

Catch the basics after the jump.

Via ISC Website - April 1st - What Will Really Happen? - isc

Friday, March 20, 2009

Self-signed Exchange 2007 Certificates

I won't be going into the details why this may or may not be best practice, or a good idea, or the other ups and downs of using self signed certificates to secure your communications between E2K7 and Outlook, OWA, ActiveSync and so on, but just in case you get into the same bind as myself recently, and have to create a new certificate either because the old one is about to expire or domain names changed, and can't remember how to, here it goes!

This requires a CertAuthority to be setup on your E2K7 CAS and E2K7 PowerShell installed.'

We begin by creating a certificate request. And because we most likely need the certificate to cover multiple names/aliases for our server, we use the following command:

New-ExchangeCertificate -DomainName, e2k7.domain.lan, autodiscover.domain.lan -FriendlyName "Exchange Hosting Certificate" -GenerateRequest:$True -Keysize 1024 -path c:\e2k7hosting.txt -privatekeyExportable:$true -subjectName "c=us, o=Organization Name,"

This will create a certificate request with the name e2k7hosting.txt in the root of C. Make sure you replace the -DomainName with the values appropriate for you, covering all the names that OWA, Outlook or ActiveSync might be using to connect to your server.

Now open this text file and copy the content of it to the clipboard. Once you have done that, open an internet browser and navigate to https://servername/certsrv which will open the web interface of your certification authority on the server where you can paste the previously copied certificate request and then download the certificate. Make sure you grab the .cer as well, in case you have mobile devices connecting via ActiveSync. It makes certificate install a breeze.

Next import the certificate into the default IIS site for your E2k7 server through the PowerShell once again by using the following command:

import-exchangecertificate -path c:\certificatename.p7b | enable-exchangecertificate -services iis

Check the IIS default site if the correct certificate is now listed as installed.

Distribute the .cer to your mobile clients and install.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I want my cupcake...NOW!

This is just not fair, and especially not when you are a geek like me with new-release-iatis as one of your major ailments. First off, I do not want to complain whatsoever about Android. I have literally had WindowsCE/Mobile/PocketPC phones with the Redmond flavored mobile OS for years and years now, and none of the phones have ever felt as well rounded out of the Box as my current G1.
With EVERY WinMo phone I would spend hours and hours upgrading, flashing ROM's, finding bits and pieces of software whereas with the G1 I have now asked myself at least 10 times in the 10 days I had it if there isn't anything I need to upgrade, install or anything else to make it work, and there really isn't. It just works.

Certainly, it is lacking the most crucial enterprise feature right now, exchange active sync, but that's not a flaw of the phone IMHO, and I have a feeling it is something that will be implemented down the road, most likely through a sync app. Because it is my personal cell and not my work phone, all the google-syncing-goodness it does is much more important to me!

But I am sure you know how it is reading this blog as a fellow geek, or if you are not a geek, please do try to understand - there is a constant hunger for the newest update on whatever it is, heck, if there is a new version of blades for my blender I would put them in there! It is the constant pursuit of punishment for living on the bleeding edge of technology, a somewhat self-sadistic way of punishing one self with update-caused equipment failure only to find ways to make it work yes, no matter just HOW good that G1 already is, I want my cupcake and I want to eat it too!

Via Engadget Mobile: Latest Cupcake build flaunted on video, still no closer to retail G1s