Tuesday, February 24, 2009

QUAKE Live - Beta

So after not being home when the gates opened, spending about an hour in the queue to download the browser plug-in, starting at #30,044, installing the browser-plug in which required a browser restart and guess what? Yea, back in line and back at #29,884 or something like that!

But who cares, it's Quake - it's gotta be worth the wait! Logged into gMail (which luckily works again without a hitch, as opposed to this morning, when I thought the world as we know it came to an end, gMail not being accessible) and wrote some emails until the game finally told me to log in and customize my character!
Shortly thereafter I was introduced to Crash, your virtual sparring partner...now sure, they had to give you some cute, female android to battle - just because they know geeks have a soft spot for fragging female androids and thought they'd have it easier that way! You basically are supposed to frag a 10 minute match in the beginner arena with her, then possibly move on to intermediate and so on. After this "evaluation" period you are supposed to be matched up with player at the same skill level as yourself, and that's where the thing went haywire - either I am THAT bad that they could not find anyone as poorly playing as me, or there is something wrong, possibly caused by the huge number of people flocking to the site - I played the beginner arena 4 times, each time winning the match, and each time being told that I have to complete my 10 minute eval match after I was done, so for now I gave up and try tomorrow again. I have to say though, a minimal download, short loading times and a lightning fast, full screen FPS with maybe not the best graphics and so on, but the fun factor sure seems to be there...Quake style! I think me likey!!!


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