Friday, March 6, 2009

Linux on the HTC Blue Angel

I think I have found a new challenge - I have this aging HTC Blue Angel laying around at home. Now the really cool thing about this PocketPC Phone Dinosaur is that it is an incredibly nice, big, QVGA screen and a very powerful XScale PXA263 400 MHz CPU that successfully run at around 600MHz, which is leaps and bounds faster than most of the current PocketPC Phones on the market.
Unfortunately it has been collecting dust since quite a while now, which is really a shame as I am sure I can come up with 101 projects once I can get Linux running on it! I am not too worried about the GSM portion of the unit, as it will probably never ever have a SIM in it again, but the rest could be very useful. I am still trying to make a nice all-house-HTPC remote, and over wifi this would be the perfect little thing to use. There are some efforts already underway as a starting point...any suggestions or ideas out there???


  1. Hmm, I just found my old Blue Angel and was scanning the web lokoing for a linux version to run on it.

    Have you had any success getting yours working?
    I'm wanting to watch some documentaries on the train.

  2. Not yet - an Android device came my way an naturally I had to play and hack for a while, but maybe I get around to the BA this weekend - I will update here if I do!

  3. BA supports both android and linux