Friday, April 24, 2009

Epson Stylus R1900 CD / DVD Label Template

After fruitless searching the web up and down for a template to create CD labels with my Epson Stylus R1900, I decided to bake my own. This printer (as many other Epson's, for which this template may very well work too!) come with a beautiful way of putting some ink onto inkjet-printable media. There is a tray you place the CD or DVD on, and the printer takes care of all adjustments, etc. By default the only way to print these labels is the somewhat mediocre (and that is putting it nice!) software that comes with the printer. I however was looking to print them directly from Adobe Illustrator, so I spend a little time and a lot of patience until everything lined up just right. And because I am such a nice guy I decided to save you the time and hassle that I went through trying to find this somewhere on the web, and will share the template with whoever has a need for it! The template is a zipped Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file created with CS4 and saved as CS3.

You can download it here, courtesy of NOTZDesign, the pet-business-project of yours truly.


  1. Hey, the link to this template is broken and I was wondering if you still had the template. It would be very helpful. Thanks a lot

  2. Hello!

    I just realized that - I will try to find the file again and upload it to a different location and update this post once i found it! Sorry for that!