Thursday, February 19, 2009

Super Tiny Keyboard

So about a year after seeing one of these keyboards when a friend of mine brought it from Hong Kong I finally managed to stumble across one and it just arrived today. I have to admit that I paid more than 5 times as much as he did, but then again, I did not have to buy a plane ticket to Hong Kong ;-)
It comes with one of these zip-cord-widget-thingies as a USB cable, kind of like the retractable things you use for your ski-pass. Quality of that is definitely a bit lower as one of the same kind I have as a network cable, but the keyboard itself feels solid and well made, the keys have nice feedback, and although I do not expect to be typing lightning fast on those small keys, they seem usable and certainly beats carrying around a full size keyboard in the "geek-bag" or the roll-up-silicon keyboard I used to use - sure, they are waterproof and flexible and all, but have you ever tried to type more than 3 or 4 words a minute on one of these??? It can be had here for $25 + S&H, they accept PayPal and I was surprised that shipping from Hong Kong took actually less than a week!

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