Monday, March 30, 2009

April 1st - What Will Really Happen?

There is more than a lot of talk about the Conficker worm (also known as Downadup) on and offline going around these days, especially as doomsday (April 1) inches closer, and there are more than a few sources out there that make Joe Average PC user quite uncomfortable in his chair at home and this little article over at SANS is cutting it down to the facts and offers a few links to some clear cut information about the worm and related dangers.

I am in no way saying to take this one lightly, but also don't want all kinds of people spending all kinds of money on the next best popup-ad telling them that their entire computer will be worthless after April 1 if they do not spend $59.99 right away to get immediate protection (and a free Laptop, PS3 and iPod) and their credit card information published in the prestigious collection of some Russian CC vendor for at least 0.0001 cents a number...

Catch the basics after the jump.

Via ISC Website - April 1st - What Will Really Happen? - isc

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  1. There is a new, continually updated site now available at the ISC@SANS - Vist for up-to-date, cut-to-the-chase information on the Conficker worm, removal guides and other April 1 related information.