Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I want my cupcake...NOW!

This is just not fair, and especially not when you are a geek like me with new-release-iatis as one of your major ailments. First off, I do not want to complain whatsoever about Android. I have literally had WindowsCE/Mobile/PocketPC phones with the Redmond flavored mobile OS for years and years now, and none of the phones have ever felt as well rounded out of the Box as my current G1.
With EVERY WinMo phone I would spend hours and hours upgrading, flashing ROM's, finding bits and pieces of software whereas with the G1 I have now asked myself at least 10 times in the 10 days I had it if there isn't anything I need to upgrade, install or anything else to make it work, and there really isn't. It just works.

Certainly, it is lacking the most crucial enterprise feature right now, exchange active sync, but that's not a flaw of the phone IMHO, and I have a feeling it is something that will be implemented down the road, most likely through a sync app. Because it is my personal cell and not my work phone, all the google-syncing-goodness it does is much more important to me!

But I am sure you know how it is reading this blog as a fellow geek, or if you are not a geek, please do try to understand - there is a constant hunger for the newest update on whatever it is, heck, if there is a new version of blades for my blender I would put them in there! It is the constant pursuit of punishment for living on the bleeding edge of technology, a somewhat self-sadistic way of punishing one self with update-caused equipment failure only to find ways to make it work again...so yes, no matter just HOW good that G1 already is, I want my cupcake and I want to eat it too!

Via Engadget Mobile: Latest Cupcake build flaunted on video, still no closer to retail G1s

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