Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PortableApps Menu and Suites 1.5 released!

If you are like me and often have to support MS/WIN machines, and carry a USB drive with your favorite utilities around, you are probably familiar with the PortableApps menu and suites. It always was a great way to launch and organize all the utilities I schlep around on my WIN-Troubleshooter-USB-Drive, but there were a few minor annoyances especially with adding your own programs that are not part of PortableApps, e.g. I carry a lot of SysInternals stuff with me. Prior to this release, there was no way of renaming the items that are displayed, or even being selective which executables are picked up by the menu without workarounds. Well, that's all gripes of the past - the new version does all of that and more, and in case you care, it looks a little nicer too...

So head on over and grab your copy - I certainly will!


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